Download Survey

You can download your surveys for offline review in 3 formats.

Follow the steps listed below to download a copy of your survey:

  1. Click on the All Surveys icon, hover over your survey, and click More (three dots).
  2. From the dropdown menu that appears, click Download.
  3. Choose a download format best suited for your requirements. Once you choose your document type, the file will automatically start downloading.
  4. Surveys can be downloaded in any of the following formats:
    • Adobe PDF downloads to a clean, un-editable document. You may still search for certain words within the document, but you cannot edit text or images.
    • MS Word opens to Microsoft Word where you can then edit text, images, margins and other details in the document.
    • Scanner Ready Survey format also opens with Microsoft Word and is editable in the same ways as the MS Word format. The difference is this format is more conducive to scanning paper results via a third party.
  5. Review your downloaded survey. The document will include additional notes indicating items like Mandatory Questions, Branching, and Question Display Logic.