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                            • Good to Know

                              Filter & Search the SoGoConnect Dashboard

                              Filter the SoGoConnect Dashboard

                              On the SoGoConnect Dashboard, you’ll see your filtering options as a column on the left side of the screen. You can filter your SoGoConnect Dashboard by the following:

                              • Customer Type
                              • Interest Area
                              • CX Score
                              • Dialogue Age
                              • Dialogue Type
                              • Entry Point
                              • Origin
                              • Dialogue Status
                              • Dialogue Priority
                              • Tags
                              • Action Taken

                              Once you begin filtering, you’ll see what you’re filtering by above the SoGoConnect Dashboard. To remove one of the filters, you can click the “x” next to the filter you want to remove. If you wish to remove all filters, hit “Clear” at the end of the row where all of your filters are listed.

                              Search the SoGoConnect Dashboard

                              If you want to search for specific terms on the SoGoConnect Dashboard, you can search within certain sections of the column to the left of the SoGoConnect Dashboard. You can search the following items:

                              • Interest Area
                              • Dialogue Owner
                              • Tags

                              If you have an endless list of Interest Areas, Dialogue Owners, or Tags, Search is here for you! Start entering the term you’re searching for and it will immediately deliver you results right below it.

                              Based on your display resolution or browser zoom, you may see a 3-dot icon on the far right of the Report menu bar. Click here to access Saved Reports, Emailed Reports, and Filter Manager.