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CX Project

      Manage Tags and Categories

      Keep all your Tags and Categories organized within Dashboard Settings.

      Here’s how:

      1. Open the CX Dashboard.
      2. Click on the gear/settings icon in the right-hand corner.
      3. Select Tags and Categories from the left menu.

      4. By default, three categories will appear: Touchpoint, Department, and Product.
      5. Click Add Category on the right to create your own custom Tag Categories. You can add up to 10 categories.
      6. Click on Add a Tag to create new Tags under each Category. A total of 50 Tags per Category can be created.

        All Tags created will be available across all CX projects.

      7. To update many Tags at once, click Bulk Add/Delete Tags. Here you can add new Tags separated by line breaks. Do not use this option to edit Tags, as it will only add or delete existing Tags.