Mandatory Questions


To ensure that participants must provide responses to certain questions, mark these questions as mandatory. If participants do not respond to these questions, they will not be allowed to proceed to the next pages of your survey.
Keep in mind that this is a powerful feature, and use the mandatory setting for only the answers you need most. Participants who become frustrated that they can’t move past certain questions without answering might drop out of the survey completely.

A few simple steps will help you to mark questions as mandatory:

  1. Select to create a survey or edit an existing survey, under the Design tab.
  2. Create or navigate to the question you want to mark as mandatory.
  3. Hover on the question text and select Mandatory:


Once the mandatory option is set, a red asterisk will appear to the left of the question.

Mandatory applied

Mark questions as mandatory only when you must have answers. If your survey has many mandatory questions, a large number of red asterisks will automatically be displayed on your pages.

If you want to improve the initial appearance, you may hide these mandatory asterisks by default. If a participant leaves a mandatory question blank and tries to continue to the next page, an asterisk will appear to identify the mandatory question.

  1. Under the Design tab, create or edit a survey which has mandatory questions.
  2. Click Settings and choose Add Ons. The Display Options section will be open.
  3. In response to ‘Show asterisks for mandatory questions?’, choose Yes or No and click Save.

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