Spell Check

There is plenty to think about when creating a survey, and it is easy to miss common spelling mistakes while thinking about bigger goals. To ensure that all the terms used in the survey are spelled correctly, SoGoSurvey’s Spell Check feature can be of great help. To make sure nothing is missed, it is best to run a spell check once the entire questionnaire is created.

To perform a spell check:

  1. Create a survey or edit an existing survey.
  2. In the Design menu bar, click on Spell Check.
  3. Review the results. The incorrectly spelled words will be displayed in the ‘Change to’ field. Also, suggestions for the misspelled words will be displayed. You can select the correct word from these suggestions and replace it. You can also add the new and updated words to the dictionary. This is especially useful with specialized words you will use again.
  4. Exit when your check is complete.

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