Preview Survey

The Preview Survey option allows you to preview an entire survey, while you can preview a single page of the survey through the Preview Page option. When Preview Page is selected, you will not be able to navigate beyond the selected page.

Review these options:

  • Click on the All Surveys icon, hover over your survey, and click the Preview icon to see the full survey.
  • Alternately, while editing your survey within Designer, click on the Preview Survey button in the top right-hand corner.

To meet your needs, numerous preview options are offered across the top of the screen.

  • Exit Preview: Close the preview and return to the previous page.
  • Restart Survey: Start the preview again from the beginning at any time.
  • Views: Ensure the best experience across all devices by previewing your survey’s display in desktop, tablet, and mobile views.
  • QR code: View the survey on your own device by simply scanning this code.
  • Settings:
    • Skip Mandatory/Encouraged: Preview your survey faster by disabling any Mandatory or Encouraged Response settings.
    • Show Hidden Questions: View all questions, including those hidden to participants, like pre- or post-populated hidden questions.
    • Bypass logic: View all content without the rules of Question Display Logic or Branching applied.
  • View Page: Navigate to any page from the dropdown menu.

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