Participant Printing: Blank Survey


You may allow survey participants to download or print a copy of the blank survey in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format. This can be especially helpful when conducting paper surveys or when participants may need to gather information from others before responding.

You can also provide important instructions for the respondents on the cover sheet before distributing a paper survey.


Here are the options to enable participants to download/print a blank survey:

  1. Under the Design tab, create or select a survey to edit.
  2. Go to Options.
  3. Navigate to PRINT OPTIONS, select Blank Survey, and toggle the switch to select Yes for ‘Would you like to allow participants to download/print a copy of the blank survey?’.
  4.  Select Adobe PDF or MS Word.
  5.  Save.


  1. Preview the survey. Once the above steps have been completed, a Print Blank Survey option will appear on the participation page. This is exactly what the participants will see, enabling them to download a blank copy of the survey. Clicking on ‘Print Blank Survey’ automatically downloads a blank copy of the survey.


‘Print Blank Surveys’ is a fine option for collecting offline responses as needed. These responses can then be organized in an Excel sheet and easily imported into the survey by using the Import Data feature.


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