Rearrange Questions

While your survey is still in Edit mode, you should be reviewing the flow of your survey. Will it be clear and logical for participants?

If you wish to move around questions to make sure participants continue through the survey smoothly, the Rearrange Questions feature will prove extremely handy. Just a few drag-and-drops and you will be all set. Alternatively, rearranging can also be done by using the Add Page feature.

This feature is available only while the survey is in Edit mode and the survey has not received responses. Otherwise, the feature will show as unavailable.

Follow the steps listed below to rearrange survey questions:

  1. Create a survey or edit an existing survey.
  2. On the Design menu bar, click on Rearrange Questions.
  3. Now, drag and drop your questions to organize the survey according to your preference.

If branching is applied on a survey, any rearrangement might affect the branching rules. Branching values will be automatically updated or deleted according to the rearrangement.

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