Chain Invitations

If you are using single-use link invitations but you want participants to be able to invite others, Chain Invitations are the perfect solution. Chain Invitations allow participants to invite others who might be interested in the topic, providing a new unique link. Plus, you have the opportunity to expand your group of participants beyond your distribution list.

  1. Start In Email Template under Distribute.
  2. Click Create New or Edit on any existing template.
  3. While editing an email message, click on the Footer option listed on the left.
  4. Choose Yes for Chain Invitation.
  5. If you wish, you can edit the link text for the chain invitation by clicking on the pencil icon displayed on hovering on ‘Click Here’.
  6. Review the message in the footer text and make any desired edits. Do not edit the text between the arrows. These values will be replaced by the chain invitation link.
  7. Click Save and then Finish and Save the edited template.

Chain Invitations can also be applied on the survey Thank You page, but Chain Invitations in an email invitation will be accessible to participants long after they leave the Thank You page.

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