Question Display Logic


Question Display Logic allows you to show/hide a survey question, displaying it only to participants when they select a particular answer option to an earlier question. Question Display Logic (QDL) is especially useful for follow-up questions and can be included on a single page.

Here are the steps to set this feature for your survey questions:

  1. Under the Design tab, create a survey or select an existing survey to edit.
  2. Be sure that you have added all questions and finalized the order of your questions before applying Question Display Logic.

You cannot rearrange questions after applying the Question Display Logic feature.

  1. Hover over the chosen question, then click on More and select Question Display Logic. A pop-up window will appear, displaying the first display logic to be set.1
  2. From the dropdown list, select the Show-Hide question from the drop down list. This is the question that will be hidden from participants by default.

You cannot set the first question of your survey as Show-Hide.

  1. Next, select the Decision question. This is the question that will decide whether to display the Show-Hide question or not. A comment cannot be set as a decision question.

You cannot set a question as Show-Hide more than once, though a question can be set as a decision question multiple times. A Decision question can have multiple Show-Hide questions.

  1. Choose as the condition either ‘is one of the following’ or ‘is not one of the following’.
  2. Select the answer option(s) from the list on the right-hand side.
  3. Save your settings.2
  4. To set more display logic, click on the ‘Add New Question Display Logic’ button and follow the above steps.
  5. Preview your survey to ensure your Question Display Logic is functioning as you intended.
  6. If you need to delete a QDL rule, you can click on the Delete icon on the top right-hand corner of every logic.3

A Show-Hide question can be the Decision question for another Show-Hide question. This is known as the nesting of Question Display Logic.

How to use Question Display Logic (QDL) in an Online Survey