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                              Rules and Alerts

                              This feature allows you to set up email alerts in relation to survey submissions. These alerts could be sent to you to inform you that a survey has been submitted, or they could go to participants as a thank-you message.

                              This feature is available only in our Enterprise plan. Contact us to take advantage of this option.

                              One of the most powerful ways to trigger an email alert is based on a participant’s survey responses. In this case, choose the question of interest, then identify the answer or answers that tell SoGoSurvey to generate an alert.

                              In this case, the alert can let you know when something has gone wrong (a customer gives your product a bad review), when something has gone according to plan (a job applicant clicks on the checkbox that is aligned with a certain position), or simply an action should be taken based on the response (a customer asking for a return authorization on a product under warranty).

                              Whichever type of rule you choose, the email can be sent to any of several recipients, including:

                              • The participant
                              • A designated list of certain email addresses, separated by commas
                              • A pre-created SoGoSurvey email list you stored in Contact Manager
                              • An email address requested in the survey

                              Wrap up your survey design as much as possible before you set up these alerts. You can still edit the survey before launching, if needed, but it helps to have everything in order first.

                              Follow the steps listed below to set up Rules and Alerts:

                                1. Select a survey to edit.
                                2. In the Design menu bar, click Instant Alerts and then select Rules & Alerts from the dropdown menu.
                                3. From this page, you can edit, view, delete, enable, or disable an already created Rules & Alerts condition or create new.
                                4. Enter a name for the new Rule, specify the triggering event, and Continue. A triggering event can be any of the following:

                                  • Completed survey response received: The alert is triggered when a participant completes his/her response by clicking on the Submit button at the end of the survey.
                                  • Partial survey response received: The alert is triggered when the survey is partially completed, i.e when the participant clicks on Save and Continue later in the survey. This option is available in Rules and Alerts only if you have enable Save and Continue Later from Survey Settings.
                                  • Survey response meets the condition: The alert is triggered when a specific criteria is met in a submitted survey.
                                  • Response threshold is met: The alert is triggered when a certain number of responses has been received.
                                  • NPS Score Calculated after every Response: This alert is triggered when the Net Promoter Score calculated in the overall survey report meets a certain condition. This option is only displayed if one or more NPS questions is included in the project.If more than one NPS question appears in the project, you may choose to set up conditions that include results from multiple NPS questions.
                                    For example: If Product A has an NPS of 50 and Product B has an NPS of 10, trigger an alert.
                                    Please note: To trigger an alert based on a single participant’s response to an NPS question, choose ‘Survey response meets the condition‘ as the triggering event, then select the NPS question. For example, If a participant gives a 10, send an alert.


                              For Assessments, you can set Scores as a triggering Event.

                              1. Define the workflow action, which identifies who should receive alerts. Then, click Continue.
                                • Survey participant: If a survey is sent via single-use links, an email can be sent directly to the participant when they submit their response.
                                • To email address(es) listed below: Enter any email address(es) that should receive alerts.
                                • Everyone on an Email List: Alerts can be sent to a saved email list from Contact Manager.
                                • Response to an email question in this survey: If a survey includes a question for participants’ email addresses, alerts can be sent to those entered emails. (If no email questions are included in the survey, this option will not be available.)
                              2. Define the email content, including the following:
                                1. Be sure to customize Sender Name, Sender Email, and Subject.


                                  By default, the Sender Email will use SoGoSurvey’s mail servers. We recommend you use this default address, as editing this field may cause delivery issues or classification as spam. To change the Sender Email, you will need to verify your email address.

                                2. Customize the alert email message, sharing any relevant information.
                                3. Pipe survey content into the email to add helpful information.
                                  • While editing in the email text box, select the piping icon on the right end of the edit menu.
                                  • Click in your alert message where you would like to insert the answer text.
                                  • Select the question you would like to pipe from, in the pop-up that opens up.
                                4. To attach a report to the email, switch the toggle next to ‘Attach a Report to this email’ to Yes and make your choice.
                                  • Attach a copy of this survey response: This option will provide a link to an individual report. Paste this link into the email content.
                                  • Attach a Saved Report of this survey: This option will show a selection from the Saved Reports section if any reports have been saved.
                                5. As needed, edit the ‘Click here’ text that will appear as the report access link.
                                6. For a multilingual survey, you will see the opportunity to translate email content. Rules & Alerts messages are delivered to participants in their chosen language. Add translations through your preferred method, then Continue.
                                  • To add translations manually, provide your text in the boxes shown.
                                  • To auto-translate, click on the Bing icon beside the language name.
                                7. Define the workflow schedule . This steps helps to set the plan in motion by identifying when alerts should be sent.

                                  • Instantly upon receiving response: Alert sent immediately when condition is met.
                                  • After a fixed delay from receiving response: Alert sent after designated delay following condition being met.
                                  • On a stated Date and Time: Alert sent on the specified date and time.
                                  • As per the stated time below: Alert sent on the daily, weekly, or monthly frequency specified in the rule.
                                  • Based on a response to a Date type question in the survey: Alert sent on or a chosen number of days before/after the date a participant selects for a Date question. This alert will not be triggered if the date given is in the past. This option is not available if the trigger event is ‘Response threshold is met’.