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Project Basics
  • Getting Started!
    • Assessment Question types
      • Score and more
        • Quiz participation
          • Get Results
          • Introduction to Poll
            • Build your Poll
              • Launch your Poll
                • Analyze your Poll
                  • Build Project
                    • Project Style
                      • Launch Project
                        • Analyze Project
                          • Account Settings
                            • Good to Know

                              Switch Project Type

                              Built a survey but suddenly realized it should be an assessment, or vice versa? No worries! Rather than recreating your project from scratch, you can make the switch in just a few steps. Use Switch Project Type and you’ll be on your way in no time.

                              Here’s how:

                              1. Select a survey or assessment to edit.
                              2. From the Design menu bar, click on the Options icon and choose Switch Project Type.
                              3. Toggle on ‘Switch to survey/assessment’.
                              4. Save.

                              After the Switch
                              Since each project type has its own unique features, switching the project type will reset or remove project-specific options

                              When an assessment is switched to a survey, the following will be removed/reset:

                              • Assign Scores
                              • Category Score Graph
                              • Rules and Alerts based on scores obtained.
                              • Setting Time Limit
                              • Results Page
                              • Print Results

                              When a survey is switched to an assessment, the following will be removed/reset:

                            • Reopen Submitted Response
                            • Bar Graph from Thank You Page
                            • ×