Piping options, which offer the chance to repeat certain participant responses later in a survey, ensure participants a more customized and engaging experience. With this feature, participant answers can reappear on subsequent pages, either within the text of a question or within another set of answer options.

Pipe answers into subsequent questions

This option allows you to copy a selected answer option into the text of a question on a later page. This feature can be used to personalize your survey and focus participant attention.

For example: If a participant rates his or her experience as ‘Excellent’ on page 1, you may choose to pipe the response into a question on page 2: ‘Why did you rate your experience as Excellent?’

Pipe Answers Into Later Questions

Here’s how to apply this feature:

  1. Under the Design tab, create or select a survey to edit.
  2. Ensure that your survey has a minimum of two pages because you cannot apply piping on the first page of your survey.
  3. Hover over any question from page two on and click on Edit. Again, piping cannot be applied on the first page.
  4. Click on Piping, then place the piping icon in the text where you want the answer option to appear.1
  5. Select the question from which answer options will be piped. This dropdown menu will only display options from previous pages.23

You can pipe multiple answer options to a question.

  1. As a best practice, set the piped-from question as Mandatory to ensure that participants complete this question.
  2. Preview your survey to check your piping. See the example below.
    First page: Text Box question answer is to be piped to a question on the next page4
    Next page: Response from page 1 is piped into question on page 25

Pipe answers into subsequent answer sets

This option allows you to copy participant answers into answer sets on a later page in your survey.

For example: If you use a Check Box question to ask employees about the professional development courses they attended this year, you can then pipe all their responses into a Radio Button question on a later page and ask them to choose the one course they’re most likely to recommend to a colleague. As a result, participants will only be recommending based on experience and your data quality will improve.


Pipe Answers Into Later Answer Sets

Here’s how to apply this feature:

  1. Within Designer, select the ‘destination’ question into which you would like to pipe answers. The following question types can be used as destination questions:
    • Radio Button
    • Horizontal Radio Button
    • Drop Down
    • Check Box
    • List Box
  2. Click on the Pipe Answers button on the right, just above the answer block.1_highlight
  3. In the pop-up that appears, use the first dropdown menu to set the conditions for which answer choice(s) should be piped.1_highlight
  4. In the next dropdown, select the ‘source’ question. The following question types can be used as source questions:
      • Radio Button
      • Horizontal Radio Button
      • Drop Down
      • Check Box
      • List Box


Answers cannot be piped from questions in which hidden Post-Population is applied.

  1. Click Apply when you’re finished.
  2. In addition to the piped answers, you may choose to add new answer options. Be sure that all answer options included are clear and unique. Save the question.
  3. Within Designer, once answer piping is saved, all potential answers will be shown in the destination question. To view piped answer logic, hover over the piped answer options.

We suggest applying Mandatory settings to your source question to be sure participants see the destination question as intended.

Remove Piped Answers

  • To ensure clarity in reporting, any changes to piping answers should be completed before the survey goes live.
  • If your survey is in Edit mode, hover over the piped answers in the destination question, then click on the Delete icon to remove these answers.
  • If you must make a change after your survey has received responses, you may hover over the piped answers in the destination question and click the Delete icon.

Any piped answer option that has already received a response will still appear. You may choose to keep the current text or provide new text.