Piping allows you to copy a previously selected answer option to the text of a question on a later page. This feature can be used to personalize your survey and focus participant attention.

  1. Under the Design tab, create or select a survey to edit.
  2. Ensure that your survey has a minimum of two pages because you cannot apply piping on the first page of your survey.
  3. Hover over any question from page two on and click on Edit. Again, piping cannot be applied on the first page.
  4. Click on Piping, then place the piping icon in the text where you want the answer option to appear.1
  5. Select the question from which answer options will be piped. This dropdown menu will only display options from previous pages.23

You can pipe multiple answer options to a question.

  1. As a best practice, set the piped-from question as Mandatory to ensure that participants complete this question.
  2. Preview your survey to check your piping. See the example below.
    First page: Text Box question answer is to be piped to a question on the next page4
    Next page: Response from page 1 is piped into question on page 25

Use Answer Option Piping