Display Options

Allowing flexible navigation and displaying current progress are two very important parameters for participants of any survey. In most cases, participants need to be able to move back and forth in the survey, and also have an idea about approximately how long it will take them to complete the survey. SoGoSurvey has made this task simple by providing a variety of options.

Here’s how you can set your preferred parameters:

  1. Choose a survey and select to edit.
  2. In the Design menu bar, click on the Options icon.
  3. Select Display Options, and toggle the desired switches.
    • Progress Bar: Displayed on each survey participation page, this bar informs participants about what percentage of the survey has been completed. You can choose to display the progress bar at the top, bottom, or at both the places of your survey pages. You may also opt to not display the progress bar.
    • Page Number: This feature displays survey page numbers at the bottom of the page, under the progress bar.
    • If your survey contains Branching, Question Sequence, Question Display Logic, Pre-hidden/Post-hidden questions, page numbers will not be shown.

    • Question Number: This feature allows user to view the question numbers of every question in the survey
    • Question numbers will not be shown if your survey contains Branching, Question Sequence, QDL, or Pre-hidden/Post-hide questions.

    • Mandatory: When you set a question as Mandatory, an asterisk mark appears beside the question to indicate that it is required. If this feature is turned off, asterisks will be hidden on initial participation and will only show up when a participant tries to skip a Mandatory question.
    • Back Button: When enabled, this button will be shown on the participation page to allow for navigation back to earlier pages of the survey.
    • Timeout Message: When this feature is enabled, a time-out message is displayed in the footer of every survey participation page. At 45min and 60 min a message pops up to warning participants that the survey is about to time out.
  4. Save your changes.

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