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                                    Import Offline Responses

                                    With SoGoSurvey, you can easily generate blank surveys for offline use. Simply print hard copies, ask participants to complete them, and then enter them back into the system. Importing data back into the platform can help simplify tasks such as creating synthetic data, merging/combining data for multiple surveys, and more.

                                    To import responses, your data should be in a spreadsheet in SoGoSurvey1 format. If you need to add responses from a previous survey into the new one, simply export via SoGoSurvey1 and then edit your spreadsheet (by copy-pasting or deleting) to include the responses which you would like to import back into the system.

                                    Before you begin to import through Excel, review these notes:

                                    • File size cannot exceed 10 MB.
                                    • Only the first two sheets of a Microsoft Excel file will be imported.
                                    • The file’s first column should contain email/unique ID. If data appears in two sheets, both sheets should contain this same first column.
                                    • Each question should be in a separate column.
                                    • Data for questions with multiple answers must be separated by commas.
                                    • For Numeric Allocation questions, a comma should separate all options, with each option followed by a colon and then the number assigned to that option.
                                    • For Ranking questions, comma should separate all answers, with each answer followed by a colon and then by the rank number assigned to that answer.
                                    • For Other (please specify) questions, values should be preceded by a colon.
                                    • Data should contain only text and no HTML tags like [bold] or commas. Any commas in answer options should be replaced with /~/ (front-slash tilde front-slash).

                                    If the data in the first column is not unique, not all of your data will load.

                                    Import Data

                                    Follow these steps to import your data.

                                    1. Select your survey, then click Data. On the Data menu bar, click Import.
                                    2. On this step, upload your spreadsheet. Select ‘Yes’ for appropriate fields, referring to the notes above, and click on Map Columns.
                                    3. On the ‘Map Columns‘ step, match columns in the data file with questions in the chosen survey.
                                    4. Lastly, click on Import Data to load your responses online.
                                    5. It will normally take 15-20 minutes for the system to load the responses into the survey. While the data is being imported, you may continue to use other features of the platform.

                                    6. Review your results. Any unanswered questions or mismatches in responses will be automatically identified. You may continue to import or review your file again by downloading the file of mismatched items/unanswered questions or both.