Manage Sub-Users

Sub-accounts are a great way to delegate work within your SoGoSurvey account. You may create sub-users and assign them permission for Surveys, Lists, Saved Reports, and Survey Calendar. This means they only see the relevant data and tasks and everything else is hidden for them.

You may even have someone – who might not even hold a SoGoSurvey account – serve as a Workflow Manager. This person will receive an email notification if a sub user wants to publish a survey that’s set for the workflow approval.

You will notice Users, Permissions, and Workflow under Survey Tool Settings and also under Assessment Tool Settings. Actions such as creating/editing/deleting a new sub-user, resetting passwords, and notifying them about the account creation are common and can be accessed under any of the sections. However, while assigning permissions for Surveys and Assessments you will need to visit the respective tool settings.

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