The SoGoSurvey platform offers a powerful toolbox of reports to enable robust data analysis. Finally, the same platform that you use to create and distribute your survey instruments can run the reports you need, too. Keep your data safe and secure by keeping it all in the same place, and let SoGoSurvey run the numbers for you!

Saved Reports

Once you have customized your report just the way you like it, including a specialized color scheme, graphs with your preferred parameters, and any filters of your choice, it can be helpful to save this report for quick retrieval. Saved reports can be shared, generated, or modified later as needed.

Emailed Reports

With just one click, you can email dynamic, real-time reports to clients or colleagues, track their access, and even disable the reports as needed.

Filter Manager

Under the Filter Manager tab, you can use the conditions of your choice to create survey filters to narrow the responses you want to see while generating reports.

Here is a short description for each report:

Report Type Description
Advanced Frequency Allows you to display an aggregate of the answers received for every question in the survey, metadata options, and enhanced display properties
Assessment Summary In an assessment survey, allows you to display the individual scores for each question, as well as the aggregate scores obtained by the participants
Attachment Allows you to download file data participants attached to the survey
Bar Graph Aggregates data from all questions answered
Comparison Allows for the side-by-side comparison of data sets from different times or groups
Conditional Allows you to use a combination of filters to disaggregate data collected
Cross Tabulation Allows for the cross tabulation of two or three questions or one with multiple question in the survey, providing actual counts and percentages
Frequency Table Allows you to view the frequencies for data collected in the survey questions
Individual Responses Allows you to view the complete responses for individual survey respondents
Response Rate Allows you to monitor and compare received responses to expected responses by group
Response Table Allows you to view how all the respondents answered each of the selected questions in the survey
Response Trend Allows you to generate a dynamic report of the participation trend over time
Segmentation Allows you to divide content into multiple reports at once based on a single segmenting question
Statistical Allows you to review specific statistics for numerical survey questions
Text Analysis Allows you to analyze open-ended responses with respect to sentiment and topics
Verbatim Displays only the data collected in open-ended text fields of the survey