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    Customer Satisfaction – CSAT

    CSAT is used to measure how happy a customer is with a specific company, product, or service. To measure CSAT, businesses directly ask customers to rate their satisfaction on a 1 to 5 scale.

    Text for the CSAT question is automatically generated. We strongly recommend that you use the default text. The only change you should make is to insert the name of your brand, company, or service.

    Answer choices are graded on a 1 to 5 scale, where 1 represents Very Dissatisfied and 5 represents Very Satisfied. The scale for a CSAT question cannot be changed, however, you can reverse the scale as 5 to 1.

    Satisfied: Customers who provide responses from 4 to 5. These respondents are satisfied with your product/brand/service/interaction, will recommend you to their network, and will continue to buy from you.
    Neutral: Customers who choose 3. These are unenthusiastic customers. They may defect to competitors if they see any available benefits.
    Dissatisfied: Customers who pick 1 or 2. These are customers who feel that a product or service was not provided as expected.

    Customer Satisfaction Score Calculation:

    To calculate the CSAT score, the percentage of satisfied customers (those who chose 4 or 5) is divided by the total number of survey responses received.

    CSAT = (Number of Satisfied Customers [4 and 5]/Number of Survey Responses)%

    The Customer Satisfaction Score can range between 0% (Very Unsatisfied) to 100% (all Satisfied).

    Score category analysis:

    • CSAT scores greater than 80%, shown in green, are considered excellent.
    • CSAT scores from 40 – 80%, shown in orange, are considered neutral.
    • CSAT scores from 0 – 40%, shown in red, indicate that the majority of customers are dissatisfied.