Lists From Contacts and Leads


SoGoSurvey can use your Salesforce Contacts and Leads to send out surveys! Simply create a List in SoGoSurvey from either Contacts or Leads and publish. Beyond email address, you may also choose to pull additional information about your records to use in Data Population, Mail Merge, and more.

Here’s how:

  1. Under Distribute, click Contact Manager.
  2. Click on New, then select List.


  3. Enter a unique name for your list.


  4. Select the number of fields you will need (email address, first name, etc.).
  5. On the next step, choose the source ‘Import from Salesforce Contacts/Leads’.


  6. To apply a filter, respond to ‘Do you want to apply filter on this list?’ by switching the toggle to Yes.


  7. Populate the List by mapping the column headers in the list to match the appropriate object fields.


  8. Click Done.

When you’re ready to publish your survey, you can choose this List as your source and reach out directly to all of your Contacts and Leads.