Mark Incomplete Responses Complete

Responses are marked as completed after a participant clicks the Submit button. In some cases, a participant may save a partial survey response by using Save and Continue Later. After the survey has expired, a partial response stays Incomplete, since the participant will not be able to access the survey. If you need to change the status of Incomplete responses to Completed in order to carry out your data analysis, follow the steps below.

  1. Select your survey and click on Report.
  2. On the Report menu bar, click on Individual and select Individual.
  3. Follow the wizard to generate the report.
  4. Navigate to the response to be edited.
  5. In the selected Individual Report, click on Edit Response.
  6. A new window including participant responses will be opened.
  7. Click on the Submit button on this window. Submitting this survey will change the status from Incomplete to Complete.
  8. A response that has been edited will display the date and time of the last edit as well as the name of the user who made the edit.

Changing a survey from Incomplete to Completed will also change the IP address and time of participation for a response.