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                                    Merge Projects

                                    Merge Surveys allows you to merge responses for up to five surveys. If you need to merge more than five surveys, use Import Data options under the Data tab.

                                    This feature is available only in our Enterprise plan. Contact us to take advantage of this option.

                                    To merge surveys, follow these steps:

                                    1. Under the Utilities, click on Merge Surveys.
                                    2. Click on Create New Merged Surveys.
                                    3. Add details for Survey Title, Survey Description and Survey Owner. Continue.
                                    4. Select the surveys to be merged from the dropdowns. You may select a maximum of up to 5 surveys to merge at a time.
                                    5. On the ‘Map Questions’ step, click Auto-map to allow the system to map your questions automatically. Or, map all questions of both the surveys to each other manually.
                                      1. To map questions manually, you will create the new survey one row (question) at a time.
                                      2. Enter the question number for each item to be matched in the ‘Enter mapping question # for’ column.
                                      3. In the next column, identify which question type should be used, in case there is a difference between the surveys.
                                      4. In the last column, identify the text that should be used, in case there is a difference. You will also see the option to add new text to replace the existing options.
                                    6. Click on Save & Next to proceed.
                                    7. On the Map Answers step, map all answer options of the mapped questions.
                                      1. Click on each question and all the answer options will be displayed.
                                      2. You may choose to select ‘Suggested Mapping’ or complete mapping manually.
                                      3. Once your options are set, click Map Answer Options.
                                      4. If you need more help, click on the ‘Mapping Instructions’ link toward the top right corner.
                                    8. Next, choose how and when responses should be imported. You may choose to import responses, or to create a new version of the survey that can be edited.
                                      1. Import responses in this survey.
                                        1. If you choose this option, decide if you would like to import the survey now.
                                        2. If yes, then system will ask ‘Would you like to import a subset of the responses by applying condition’?
                                        3. If yes, select the mapped question and select the mapped answer option on which you want to add condition. Then, select a logic option:
                                          1. AND: This logic will check if any of the condition is satisfied.
                                          2. OR: This logic will check if all the conditions are satisfied.
                                          3. NOT: This logic will check if any of the conditions are not satisfied.
                                      2. Create an empty survey that can be edited.
                                        1. If you select this option, you will not be able to import responses from the original surveys in Merge Surveys.
                                        2. It will still be possible to import responses from Data Manager.
                                    9. Finally, click on Done.