Mobile Friendly Questions


As much of the world has embraced mobile technology, research, too, has gone mobile. We understand that there is a considerable demand among participants for getting things done on hand-held devices, so you will find our surveys and question types mobile responsive.

Creating mobile surveys on SoGoSurvey is easy. Simply create a survey on your desktop or laptop, and see it work effortlessly on iPhone, Android, or any smart device. SoGoSurvey automatically formats your survey and optimizes the user interface of the device on which it is opened.

All the question types that SoGoSurvey offers can be used for creating mobile surveys. However, we understand the screen of a phone can never replace that of a computer or laptop. We do recommend that you add question types that involve minimum to zero scrolling for the participant. We suggest that you add the following simple question types for surveys that are specifically intended to be conducted on mobile phones:

  • Radio Button
  • Rating Scale
  • Drop Down
  • Ranking

This doesn’t mean that you cannot add other question types; you definitely can. But use them sparingly, as they lead to scrolling, which is likely to create survey fatigue for participants.

Also, it is best to keep the questionnaire short and simple, with just one or two questions per page.

Preview your survey on the mobile previews in the platform as well as on mobile devices to make sure participants have the best possible experience.

Use open-ended questions sparingly, as it requires extra effort to enter text.

Avoid adding multiple grid questions in a mobile survey, since fitting on the device screen requires scrolling.

Supported devices

All surveys created on the SoGoSurvey platform are compatible with Android, Windows, iPhone, and iPad devices.

Here’s how a survey will typically appear on a hand held device:

Galaxy Note 3