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                                    More Actions

                                    Navigate to

                                    Delete Records

                                    Each record listed in Track Survey is associated with a response. Be very cautious before deleting any record.
                                    To delete a response, select the record by using the checkbox to the left. Click Delete to delete the record, as well as any reminders and responses tied to it.
                                    CAUTION: The delete action is irreversible. Deleting a record here removes the data from the system completely.

                                    Export Records

                                    Click on the Export button on the right to download the complete distribution information in Excel format. You can also export filtered records by first applying filters and then exporting.

                                    The downloaded Excel file will contain each participant’s email address/password, status, participation date and time, and survey participation link. If you have pre-populated data in your survey check ‘Include Pre-pop data’ to export it with your Excel file.

                                    View Detailed Participant Activity

                                    What’s your survey been up to? Track survey participation effectively using detailed log tracking option.
                                    To see a participant’s detailed log:

                                    1. Choose your survey from the Survey dashboard, select publish and click on Track Survey.
                                    2. Choose a distribution method from the left panel or a card below.
                                    3. Select a single record and click on Detailed Log.
                                    4. This feature gives you the ability to track each participant’s activity in detail. The system provide you with the following information with timestamps for each record.

                                      • Survey Invitation Sent
                                      • Survey Participation Opened
                                      • Reminder Email Sent
                                      • Survey Abandoned on a particular page
                                      • Survey Completion
                                      • Invitation Expiry Details
                                      • Invitation Email Bounce
                                      • Reminder Email Bounce
                                      • Survey invitation Resent

                                    Edit Pre-Populated Data

                                    This feature gives you the ability to View, Edit, and Export data of email addresses with pre-populated information.

                                    To edit Pre-Populated data:

                                    1. Under Track Survey, click on the settings icon (Edit Pre-populated data).
                                    2. The system will open a pop-up window with Email addresses/Survey Passwords which include pre-populated information.
                                    3. You can edit pre-populated fields for each address or password.
                                    4. You can also download the pre-populated information in Excel format by simply by clicking on Export.
                                    5. Maximum 2000 characters are allowed for pre-population.

                                    Review/Edit Scheduled Invitations

                                    As needed, you can delete, reschedule, or cancel scheduled invitations.
                                    Here’s how:

                                    1. Select the project for which you have scheduled invitations and click on Track Survey.
                                    2. Click on View/Edit Scheduled Invites icon.
                                    3. In the pop-up, review the invitations scheduled for delivery.
                                    4. Next to the appropriate record, click on the calendar icon and choose the correct data and time at which the invitation(s) should be sent.
                                    5. Click Done.

                                    Show/Hide Columns

                                    You may choose to show or hide certain data columns in Track Survey. Check the columns you would like to see and uncheck those you want to hide.

                                    Refresh Data

                                    Once you have set your filters and columns in Track Survey, you can refresh your data by clicking on the refresh button. The ability to maintain settings while refreshing Track Survey is only available for Single-Use Link, Multi-Use Link, and Shareable URL.