Overview: Reports


The SoGoSurvey platform offers more than 13 out-of-the-box robust reporting tools to analyze data collected from survey responders.


Let us see the common steps which you will find them in most of the reports. Firstly in Report tab, Select the survey and click on any reports.

On step Select Survey Question, select the questions you wish to include in the report and click Continue


On the next step, you can Re-Order the questions

On further steps, you will notice the step with header as Select Report Properties, where you can choose to select

• Display Participants’ Email address
• Display Participants’ IP address
• Include Date of Participation
• Include Time of Participation
• Include incomplete responses in the report

On step Select Filter, apply filter for your report based on desired conditions by selecting a filter from drop down or creating new filter by clicking Create New.
Refer for: How to create a new filter for reports.