Most organizations are good at collecting data but very few organizations are good at analyzing data to arrive at meaningful insights.

One significant challenge is that important information resides in separate data silos. Your survey data resides in your SoGoSurvey account and your customer data resides in your Salesforce account. Allowing these two systems to communicate directly allows us to marry the transactional data (survey feedback) with the relational data (customer demographic) and see powerful results.

Integrating SoGoSurvey with Salesforce is easy, allowing you to automate your processes and improve the quality of data available for your analysis.

The integration allows you to pull data from Salesforce into your SoGoSurvey account and push data from SoGoSurvey into Salesforce. Both standard and custom objects and fields are automatically available.

When you pull data from Salesforce, you can customize survey questions based on the demographics of the customer. For example, a client who uses Product A can be asked one set of questions and a client who uses Product B can be asked a different set of questions.

Likewise, when you push data into Salesforce, you can also set up Workflow rules to trigger certain emails, update fields, etc.

Smart, simple, and automatic. That’s SoGoSurvey + Salesforce.

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