Intro to Premium Plan

While other plans are useful for some purposes, the Premium package allows you full access to all of our platform. Features such as Auto Save, Save on Next, Switch Invitations, Edit Response, Export to SPSS, and URL Branding make this package distinctive from the rest.

Highlights of some of the most popular features in the Premium package are included below:

Pre-Population: Send Invitations Pre-Filled with Known Participant Information:

Options Include:

  • Pre-Editable: Allows participant to modify the pre-filled response
  • Pre-Read Only: Allows participants to view but not change the pre-filled response
  • Pre- Hidden: Neither question or answer visible to participant, but data can be viewed by you while generating reports_0001s_0002_autofill-SnC-pro

Create a Survey Link with Customized Information:


Delete, Exclude, or Edit Responses:


Merge Responses from Multiple Surveys to Expand Analysis: