SoGoSurvey Plans

Delight your respondents with beautiful surveys, assessments, polls, and forms that rain results and grow business. Create an account with SoGoSurvey and use our intuitive platform to design and distribute simple or complex surveys.

The plan you select determines the features made available in your account.

To see what plan best addresses your survey needs, please visit the Features page.

Basic Plan (Easy-to-use survey fundamentals):

Our free Basic plan has everything you need to get started, with several beyond-the-basics features (such as mobile surveys, and language support). There’s no credit card required, and it’s free for life. If you need to conduct simple surveys with simple question types, Branching and fewer than 200 responses this is the plan to choose. You’ll see a prompt in your account if you need to upgrade to a particular paid plan to use any advanced features.

Plus Plan (Starter kit for serious surveys):

SoGoSurvey Plus packs a power punch for a modest price, with an unlimited number of survey questions and up to 1,500 responses per month. It’s plenty of functionality for individuals and smaller teams, with 4 reports, 15 question types and data export, logo branding, Email Reminders, – and much more.

Pro Plan (Business-class power):

In SoGoSurvey Pro, you get everything you need to design, distribute, track and analyze beautiful, practical surveys. Customization features permit you to create and administer complex business surveys with unlimited questions and responses. You can gather the information you need, using advanced survey flow control, outstanding Question Display Logic and so much more.

Premium Plan (Unlimited control and flexibility that scales):

Conduct surveys without constraints. In addition to the features in the other plans, SoGoSurvey Premium lets you track and compare multi-year data; completely control branding, including using your own URL for the surveys; export to SPSS; build anonymous survey; use advanced Data pre-population; clean data to get rid of junk responses; implement SSL support; take advantage of instructor-led one-on-one training; and be pampered by the highest priority support. And that’s just the beginning.

Enterprise+ Plan (All you need):

SoGoSurvey Enterprise+ provides you with advanced options and a customized suite of options, plus expert support 24/7. Start with a solid base, including smart and secure collaboration with 5 sub-users and powerful reporting options unavailable in other packages. From there, add on your choice of options like full start-to-finish management of your survey projects, insightful 360 Employee Evaluations, and automated customer connections with Salesforce integration.

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