Intro to Pro Plan


In addition to all features of the Plus package, the Pro package offers access to features such as Advanced Branching, White-Labeling, Automatic Reminders, File Library, Condition-based Filters, and Importing Offline Responses.

Below are a few of some of the most popular features in the Pro package:

Advanced Branching: Route Participants to Different Pages Based on Multiple Conditions _0001s_0000_1

Pre-Population: Send Invitations Pre-Filled with known Participant Information

Options Include:

  • Pre-Editable: Allows participant to modify the pre-filled response
  • Pre-Read Only: Allows participants to view but not change the pre-filled response
  • Pre- Hidden: Neither question or answer visible to participant, but data can be viewed by you while generating reports_0001s_0002_autofill-SnC-pro

Save & Continue Later: Allow Participants to Save Responses and Resume Later_0001s_0001_autofill-SnC-pro-copy