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                              Outbound Email SettingsTo access your account customization options, controls, and account management details. Any settings updated here will be reflected all across your account. Email Delivery Best PracticesImprove email delivery by following these smart best practices. From sender verification and domain authentication to whitelisting and content, use our technology and suggestions to help support your strategy and response rates! Email Address Verification This section is applicable only if you are using SoGoSurvey’s mail servers to send emails and not your own mail server. All email addresses you intend to use… Sender Domain AuthenticationQuickly generate a report that shows a single participant’s responses to your entire survey or assessment in one convenient individual report. Use Your Mail ServerBy default, all emails are sent using SoGoSurvey’s mail servers, but you can choose to send them through your mail servers, too. You may use your mail servers when participants… Whitelisting/SafelistingGenerally, email invitations sent using SoGoSurvey are delivered almost instantly. However, if you are sending bulk email invitations (more than 1,000 invitations at once), it typically takes between 20 minutes… Dedicated Email ServerSend your emails through an exclusive, dedicated email server for maximum control over your invitations, reminders, and more. Verify My AccountVerify your SoGoSurvey account if you identify yourself as a human and also for a smoother experience. Learn more in this link.