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                              Add LanguagesDo you want to use auto-translate or multi-language in your survey? Follow the steps to add secondary language in your Survey. Anonymous ProjectSet your next project as anonymous to encourage candid feedback and boost response rates. Protect participants’ identities while collecting valuable data. Display OptionsSoGoSurvey has made this task simple by providing a variety of options. Follow the steps to use survey display options for customizing flexible navigation display design. Event MessagesIt is always a great idea to maintain transparency and inform participants about the status of your survey. Nobody wants to click on a link only to end up somewhere… Save and Continue LaterLearn how to allow participants to save answers mid-way through a longer survey and complete their responses at a more convenient time. Customize Results PageCustomizing a post-submission page for your participants is a good idea. Including relevant customized information is even better. Reopen Submitted ResponsesThe reopen submitted response feature allows a participant to modify and resubmit a previously submitted response. Visit here to know how to reopen submitted response and modify. URL Redirect: Static and DynamicOnce participants have submitted your questionnaire, redirect them to the website of your choice via static or dynamic URL. Expiry RulesLearn how to expire a survey or assessment based on simple or advanced conditions, such as a predetermined date or a particular threshold.