Push Data into Salesforce


Data collected in your surveys can provide powerful insights into your customers’ levels of satisfaction and engagement, as well as their likelihood of renewing or continuing their patronage. Keep your customer records fresh and relevant by pushing survey data directly into Salesforce.

Here’s how:

  1. Create the survey you’ll use to collect relevant customer data.
  2. Within Design, while editing your survey, click on Options and select Push Data into Salesforce.1_highlight
  3. In the modal, select from the following Operation types:1_highlight
      • Insert: Add a new record.
      • Upsert: Update a record if the record exists or insert a new record. You’ll need to specify the criteria by mapping the appropriate question with the correct attribute. According to the criteria provided, the insert/update will be performed.

    Only Leads, Contacts, and Accounts can perform insert and upsert operations.

    • Update: Update an existing record. You’ll need to specify the update criteria by mapping the appropriate question with the correct attribute.
  4. Next, Select the object to perform the operations1_highlight
  5. If you have a Record type created for your objects in your Salesforce account, it will be displayed in the drop down.1_highlight
  6. For a Lead, Lead Source is also displayed.
  7. When an update operation is performed, the criteria needs to be specified:1_highlight
    1. Choose the correct attribute of the object for which the criteria needs to be fulfilled.
    2. Select the appropriate question to map with the object attribute.
    3. You can add more than one criteria and set logical conditions for the same.

    You can set 5 criteria at a given time.

  8. Map your survey questions with the object attributes.1_highlight
  9. Click Save to confirm your mapping.