Question Hint


Question Hint allows you to add extra information that can help guide your participants during the survey.

Rather than crowding your page with lots of extra text, Question Hints allow you to display bonus information to those who need it. By hovering over the icon that appears beside the question, participants can get the additional explanation or information they need.
Follow the steps listed below to set up Question Hint:

  1. Under the Design tab, create or select a survey to edit.
  2. Add the relevant question to the survey.
  3. While editing the question, check the Question Hint check box to enable this option.
  4. Enter your Question Hint in the textbox on the right. 1_highlight
  5. Click Save.
  • Question Hints can be added to all question types.
  • Along with all other survey text, Question Hints can be edited and translated from Bulk Text Edit, under Tools.
  • Question Hints can be edited even if the survey is Active.