Recent Surveys

Easily return to surveys you’ve been working on by accessing Recent Surveys from the Home screen. Here, you can review key stats or take quick action.

Here’s what you’ll see:

  • Survey status: The colored icon in front of the survey title indicates its status.
    • Yellow: Edit, means this survey has not been published or received responses.
    • Green: Live, means that the survey has been published and responses may have been received.
    • Red: Expired, means that the survey is closed and can no longer receive responses.
  • Estimated completion time: Since shorter surveys mean better response rates, keep track of how long it will likely take for participants to complete your survey. The time provided here is an estimate, but do your best to keep this number low.
  • Last modified: The time and date displayed in the bottom left corner of the tile indicates when your survey was last updated.
  • Total responses: The number in the bottom right of the tile is the total count of responses received for this survey.

Ready to take action? Just hover over the right survey tile and choose your next step.

  • Edit: Modify your survey as needed by clicking on the pencil icon on the left.
  • Preview: Click the eye icon for a quick look at this survey from a participant’s view.
  • Publish: Click this icon to quickly distribute a survey. If the survey is expired, this option will not be displayed.
  • Track Survey: Once you’ve published your survey, click this icon to track participation across channels.
  • Reminder: If you’ve sent invitations but you’re still waiting on responses, click this icon to send Reminders to those who haven’t yet replied.
  • Reports: If the survey has already received responses, click the graph icon to generate reports.
  • Data: Click this icon to import data into your survey or export data into multiple formats.