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                                        Build Your Canvas

                                        The report canvas is your chance to decide how to best display your results. When you generate your default Omni Report, you’ll find a blank canvas tab ready and waiting. Access the report canvas by clicking on the ‘Untitled Canvas’ tab at the top of the screen.

                                        This feature is available only in our Enterprise plan. Contact us to take advantage of this option.

                                        Add Canvas Content

                                        To build your report canvas, you may:

                                        • Add the entire report to the canvas. Just click ‘Add Report to Canvas’ at the top of the default report screen.
                                        • Add an individual question to the canvas. Just hover over the question and click the ‘Add to canvas’ icon.
                                        • Add the graph or data table from any question, or multiple graphs or data tables from a single question. Just hover over any graph or data table, click on the three-dot menu that appears, and click ‘Add to Canvas’.
                                        • Add Survey Metrics to the end of the report canvas. Just click on Survey Metrics at the top of your default report, hover over and select any items to include, then click ‘Add To Canvas’.
                                        • Add a customized report canvas name by clicking on the default title [Untitled Canvas] and entering new text.

                                        Rearrange Elements

                                        • To rearrange questions, individual graphs and data tables, click Rearrange Elements in the top right of the canvas.
                                        • Drag and drop questions into the desired order.
                                        • To rearrange the graphs and data tables of individual questions, click Expand All in the top right. All graphs and tables of all questions added to the canvas will be displayed.
                                        • Rearrange graphs and data tables by dragging and dropping them into the required position.
                                        • To save, click Apply.

                                        Customize Canvas Settings

                                        Customize the complete canvas by clicking on the settings icon at the top right of your canvas and selecting Canvas Settings.

                                        1. Display questions: Check/uncheck to show/hide question text on the canvas
                                        2. Display filter details: Check/uncheck to show/hide any details about any filters applied to specific questions or the overall report
                                        3. Display response setting details: Check/uncheck to show/hide any details about changes made to any answer option in the default

                                        Modify Canvas Content

                                        • To add a footnote for a graph or table, hover over it, click on the three-dot menu, click Add footnote, and enter text in the box that appears below. Remove the footnote by returning to the same menu and clicking Remove footnote.
                                        • To hide a question group header, hover over a related graph or table, click on the three-dot menu, and click ‘Hide question group header’. Display it again by returning to the same menu and clicking ‘Show question group header’.
                                        • To hide filter information, hover over a graph or table, click on the three-dot menu and click ‘Hide filter information’. Display it again by returning to the same menu and clicking ‘Show filter information’.

                                        Remove Canvas Content

                                        • To remove a specific graph or data table, hover over it, click on the three-dot menu, and click Remove.
                                        • To remove a Survey Metrics item, hover over it, click on the three-dot menu, then click Remove.
                                        • To remove all content, click on the Clear All link at the top of the page.

                                        Email Your Canvas

                                        The Omni canvas provides a go-to dashboard to review your report, and it’s easy to share with key team members. Rather than downloading and sending static content over and over again, send a dynamic link that updates automatically with the latest information.

                                        1. To share your canvas via email, click on the email icon in the top-right corner of the canvas.
                                        2. Fill in the following details:
                                          1. Report Title: Enter a unique title for your report.
                                          2. Sender Name: Enter the sender’s name. By default, this value will be the name on the account.
                                          3. Sender Email: By default, this address will use SoGoSurvey’s mail servers. We recommend you use this default address, as editing this field may cause delivery issues or classification as spam. To change the Sender Email, you will need to verify your email address.
                                          4. Subject: Add a subject line that is clear and simple. The maximum character limit for this field is 250. By default, you’ll see Invitation to view Omni Report.
                                          5. To: Enter up to 10 email addresses that should receive the report canvas.
                                        3. Add a logo to the email content, if you wish.
                                        4. Select Show Export to show export options in the report generated
                                        5. Enter any content that should be included.
                                        6. Choose when to expire the report link delivered. By default, all emailed report are set to expire in 30 days.
                                        7. Apply any required color customization.
                                        8. Click Continue, preview the email, and send!