Save and Generate Reports


Once you have your report just the way you want it, including customized colors, graphs, filters, and properties, it makes sense to save it just as it is: perfect. SoGoSurvey’s saved reports make quick retrieval easy.

Save Survey Report

Follow these simple steps to save a report. We’ll use a Bar Graph as an example.

  1. Under the Report tab, select the survey. Click on the Frequency drop-down menu, then choose Bar Graph.
  2. Choose the questions to be included in the report.
  3. Rearrange the questions as needed.
  4. Modify your report properties, if you wish.
  5. Based on your needs, select and apply a filter, or create one on the spot.
  6. Click on Generate.reports_22_0000s_0014_Layer-94
  7. Review your report and make any necessary changes to the appearance.
  8. Click on Save icon at the top right corner of the page. Enter the name for saving the report, then click Save.saved report
  9. A confirmation message will be displayed with the report name, and it will be now available in the Saved Reports section.

Generate Saved Report

  1. Under the Report tab, click on Saved Reports.
  2. Select the appropriate report by clicking the checkbox to the left, then click on Generate Report. Or, you can use the ‘Select Survey’ dropdown to choose your survey and find the associated reports available.