Save and Continue Later


Save and Continue Later is a feature that allows participants to save answers they have already entered and finish their surveys at a later time. This feature is inactive by default, and we suggest activating it for longer surveys where participants may have a hard time finishing the full survey at once. If Save and Continue Later is activated in your survey, your survey participants will see the ‘Save & Continue Later’ option on their screen. The Save and Continue Later message will be displayed once they choose to save their work.

If survey invitations are sent through the single-use link method of publishing, the same, original participation link can be used to resume the survey.

On the other hand, if participants who have accessed a survey through a multi-use link choose to click on the ‘Save & Continue Later’ link, they are prompted to provide their e-mail address. A new participation link is e-mailed to them, allowing them to resume the survey.


Follow the steps listed below to set up ‘Save and Continue Later’ for your survey, and also to modify the message that will be displayed when participants click on this link:

  1. Navigate to the Design tab.
  2. Select the survey and click on Edit.
  3. Click on Options toward the top of the screen and choose ‘Save and Continue Later’ from the dropdown menu.
  4. In response to ‘Would you like to allow participants to save responses and return later to edit and submit?’, toggle the switch to Yes.
  5. Modify the message content, as desired.
  6. Save.

How to set up Save and Continue Later