Save and Continue Later

With Save and Continue Later, it’s easy to give your participants a break now and let them follow up when they are ready to finish. This feature offers many benefits:

  • Ensures that survey is completed
  • Convenient option for lengthy surveys
  • Customizable message when respondents choose to Save and Continue Later

Imagine that one of your survey participants has almost completed the survey when the phone rings. Suddenly, it’s time to leave for an appointment, and the survey is no longer the top priority. With Save and Continue Later, your participant has the option to save the survey and complete it at a later time, resuming from the last question answered. This is particularly helpful for lengthy surveys that require a longer time commitment.

Save and Continue Later even allows you to create a customized message to remind participants to complete your survey and link them back to where they left off.

  • Saving responses for a Single-use Link: The Save and Continue Later feature for Single-use Invitations allows you to customize the message that is displayed when a participant selects this option. To customize this message for Single-use Invitations, select your survey from the dashboard and edit it, then navigate to the Settings section. Single-use Invitations allow participants to access the same survey link emailed earlier to resume the survey from where they last left off.
  • Saving responses for a Multi-use Link: The Save and Continue Later feature for Multi-use Invitations works a bit differently from Single-use invitations. The participants who select the Save and Continue Later option will need to have a new link to resume the survey.
    • The first provided option is to copy and paste the modified link generated to resume the survey.
    • The second choice is an option to email the link to participant’s own email address. When the link is emailed, this address and any associated response will appear in Track Survey under the parent email address. Otherwise, the source of responses will be identified in Track Survey as Participant and its associated number.