Send/Filter Reminders

While your survey is live, send email reminders from the platform to encourage participation from invitees who have yet to complete the survey. It’s such a smart idea we call these Intelligent Reminders!

Send/Schedule Reminder

  1. Select your survey and click Publish.
  2. In the Distribute menu bar, click on Reminders, then choose Send Email Reminder.
  3. From the list displayed, you can select preferred contacts.
    1. Select specific contacts and click on Send/Schedule Reminder.
    2. Choose to Send/Schedule Reminders to All.
    3. For Multi-Use Link, you may choose to Send/Schedule Reminders to Non-Participants Only.
    4. Filter invitees using available filters and click on Send/Schedule Filtered Reminder.
  4. Choose the email template you wish to use to send out Reminders. Hover and click Select to proceed or Edit if you need to Edit the Email Template.
  5. The system will now display you the approximate number of reminder that are going to be sent/scheduled. You can choose to send invitation immediately by clicking Send Now or you can schedule invitations for a future date/time by selecting Schedule for Later.

Filter Reminder Recipient List

SoGoSurvey’s advanced features allow you to filter participants who should receive an email reminder. You may choose to filter based on:

  • Email Address: Filter list by entering an email address or by filtering email addresses starting with a particular character or by a List you have used to publish the survey.
  • Status: Filter list by the current participation status
  • Original Invitation Date: Filter list based on original invitation date
  • Number of Reminders Sent: Filter list by the number of reminders received by participant
    Last Reminder
  • Sent date: Filter based on last reminder’s sent date
  • Delivery Status: Filter based on last reminder’s delivery status.

Filter by Attribute

If your survey includes pre-population, or includes multiple participation links embedded in a single invitation, you will see this option. This feature gives you the ability to filter your records by a pre-populated value or attribute. For example, if you have included a question about location, you can choose to send to only participants in New York.

  1. Select your survey and click Publish.
  2. In the Distribute menu bar, click on Reminders, then select Send Email Reminder.
  3. On the Send Reminder page, click on Filter by Attribute.
  4. Select the pre-populated question
  5. Select the answer field to filter.
    1. For closed-ended question types, select the required answer option.
    2. For open-ended question types, enter the text to be filtered.
  6. Click on Filter Reminder.
  7. The system will redirect you to the Send Reminder confirmation page.
  8. If you need to change your mind, click Clear Filter to reset all filters.
  9. Click on Send/Scheduled Filtered Reminder to proceed with sending reminders.

You can click on Export Filtered to export the filtered records.