Quick Send Invitations


Talk about a time saver. Quick Send gives you fast-track access to send invitations to the surveys that matter most to you every day.

  1. Under the Distribute tab, select the survey and click on Publish Survey.publish survey
  2. Select Quick Send from the top right corner of the page.
  3. Choose the type of invitation you want to send.
    1. Unique URL (Single-Use Link)
    2. Public URL (Multi-Use Link)
  4. Enter email addresses separated by comma or a line break.
  5. If the selected survey is available in multiple languages, choose the desired language for the invitation.
  6. From the Email Message dropdown menu, choose any of the user-defined messages created in Email Manager. Click the preview icon to review messages as needed.

Messages with Mail Merge values included will not be displayed in this dropdown menu.

  1. Identify when invitations should be sent.
    1. You can choose to send immediately by clicking Send.
    2. You can postpone delivery by selecting Schedule for Later.publish_quicksend_send

Up to 1,000 invitations at a time can be sent through Quick Send.