IntelliMatrix is a form of skip logic or branching that can only be applied on the Matrix Grid question type. In one package, this feature allows you to combine the benefits of a Matrix Grid with the positive features of skip logic.

Create an IntelliMatrix through the following steps:

  1. Under the Design tab, create a survey or select an existing survey to edit.
  2. Add a Matrix Grid question and include two or more sub-questions. IntelliMatrix can be applied on Radio Button Rating Radio Button, and Rating Scale questions.1
  3. Hover on this question, and select Branching under the More… button. A pop-up window will appear, displaying all the questions of your survey:2
  4. Select the Matrix Grid question on which this feature should be applied.
  5. Under the ‘If’ section, select the question that will decide which other sub-questions need to be enabled.
  6. From the dropdown under the ‘is’ section, select the type of condition. There are three conditions to choose from:
    • Equal to: Allows you to set only one column of the sub question as a factor to enable other sub-questions.
    • On the right of (including): The set column and all columns to its right become a factor to enable other sub-questions.
    • On the left of (including): The set column and all columns to its left become a factor to enable other sub-questions.3
  7. Under the Columns dropdown, set the column of the sub-question through which you want to apply the logic; i.e., the decision question.5
  8. The sub-questions you want to enable will be displayed below the skip logic condition in the form of check boxes.

Sub-questions that haven’t been set under IntelliMatrix will be enabled by default.

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