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                                    IntelliMatrix is a form of skip logic applied to a Matrix Grid question. Based on how a survey participant answers a question on one side of the Grid, a question on the other side may or may not become activated. This feature helps to shorten the survey experience for participants by having them avoid questions that are not applicable. Data quality is also improved when participants only answer the questions for which they can provide meaningful responses.

                                    Create an IntelliMatrix through the following steps:

                                    1. Create a new survey or select a survey to edit.
                                    2. Add a Matrix Grid question and include two or more sub-questions. IntelliMatrix can be applied on Radio Button, Rating Radio Button, and Rating Scale questions.
                                    3. Hover on this question, and select Branching under the More button. A pop-up window will appear, displaying all the questions of your survey
                                    4. Select the Matrix Grid question on which this feature should be applied.
                                    5. Under the ‘If’ section, select the question that will decide which other sub-questions need to be enabled.
                                    6. From the dropdown under the ‘is’ section, select the type of condition. There are three conditions to choose from:
                                      1. Equal to:
                                      2. Allows you to set only one column of the sub question as a factor to enable other sub-questions.

                                      3. On the right of (including):
                                      4. The set column and all columns to its right become a factor to enable other sub-questions.

                                      5. On the left of (including):
                                      6. The set column and all columns to its left become a factor to enable other sub-questions.

                                    7. Under the Columns dropdown, set the column of the sub-question through which you want to apply the logic; i.e., the decision question.
                                    8. The sub-questions you want to enable will be displayed below the skip logic condition in the form of check boxes.

                                    Sub-questions that haven’t been set under IntelliMatrix will be enabled by default.