Survey Calendar


Survey Calendar feature allows the Survey Administrator to better manage the surveys that are planned and conducted for their particular organization. This feature is beneficial to assist organizations manage all surveys that are part of ongoing and newly developed initiatives. Utilizing the Planned and Actual Calendars, the Survey Administrator has the opportunity to view how well the organization is on track with the survey strategic plan that was developed.

Below is a step by step guide to implement this feature:

A. Planned Calendar

survey calendar

Under Utilities Tab, select the Survey Calendar icon, a list of planned surveys will be displayed.

survey calendar 2

Adding a survey to the Planned Calendar:

  • Click on the Add Survey button
  • A new interface will appear requesting Survey details.

add calendar

  • Enter the required information and click the Submit button to add this survey in the planned calendar
  • In order to MODIFY an added survey in the planned calendar, select the survey to be modified and click the Modify button. After registering required modifications, click Submit
  • In order to DELETE survey(s) from planned survey section, select the check box to the left of the survey title(s) to be deleted and click Delete button. A message saying “Are you sure you want to delete the planned survey” will appear. Click OK.

Linking Planned survey to Actual Survey:

  • Select the survey to be linked from Planned Calendar and click on the Link to Actual Calendar button
  • A window will appear. Select the survey from actual calendar with which you want to link the planned survey and click Submit button. Once this linking is done you can view the details of this survey under the Planned Calendar by clicking the Show Details button.

In order to export the details of these surveys, click the Export to Excel button.

To view surveys that are planned within a specific time frame, click on the Filter icon towards the top right, enter dates in the available date fields and click the ‘Apply’ button.


Display all Planned Surveys in Google Calendar:

The Survey Administrator has the ability to synchronize all details of planned surveys to their Google Calendar. The survey details will be displayed as an event in the actual Google calendar. Simply click the ‘Display all on Google Calendar’ button and follow the prompt.


B. Actual Calendar

Under Utilities > Survey Calendar interface, click on the Actual Calendar sub-tab. A list of the active and expired surveys is displayed, showing their Deploy Date, End Date, Survey Owner and Survey Details.


If you wish to export the details of the planned and the actual surveys, you may click Export to Excel button anytime.

Learn About Survey Calendar: