Survey Event Messages


It is always a great idea to maintain transparency and inform participants about the status of your survey. Nobody wants to click on a link only to end up somewhere unexpected with just a confusing error message for explanation.

Survey event messages are displayed to the participants of your survey as a result of a specific action or event. Each of these messages can be edited to ensure that participants understand the situation clearly.


  • Survey Expiry: Message is displayed to participants trying to access an expired survey.
  • Already Participated: Message is displayed to participants trying to access a survey for which the link has already been used. For survey invitations sent through the Unique Access URL method, only one response can be submitted per participation link. If another attempt is made to access the survey through a the same unique link, the survey will NOT be accessible.
  • Save and Continue Laterr: Incorporating the ‘Save and Continue Later’ feature enables participants to provide partial responses, then return and finish their responses later. If this feature is enabled, participants will see a ‘Save and Continue Later’ link on each page of the survey. When this link is clicked, this message is displayed to acknowledge the submission of the partially complete response.
  • Survey Unavailable: Message is displayed to participants trying to access a survey that was launched but is now inaccessible. This is most likely because the survey has been returned to Edit mode.


Survey Event Messages