Survey Passwords

When you’ll see participants in person, or if you only have mailing addresses, you can create Survey Passwords for offline distribution. You will be able to create a custom login page with a custom URL, along with Single- or Multi-use passwords. These passwords may be generated randomly, or uploaded from a List or File.

  • Single-use Passwords
    Choose Single-use Passwords if your survey will be distributed to participants who should only be allowed to participate once. You may also use pre-population to pre-fill known data.
  • Multi-use Passwords
    When you will provide a group of participants with a password offline, possibly through a flyer or poster, and you want to allow multiple responses through a single password, choose Multi-use Passwords. You can also use pre-population for a group of participants.

Here’s how to create passwords:

  1. Select your survey, then click on the Publish icon.
  2. Choose Survey Passwords under Publish Offline/Mobile.
  3. Under Select Password type, choose your preferred password type.
    1. Single-use Passwords: These passwords will allow only one response each.
    2. Multi-use Passwords: These passwords will each allow multiple responses.
  4. Once the password type is selected, select the Language for participants.
  5. Select the Source of Passwords based on your preferred method, then follow the steps below.

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