Question Sequence


One of the many ways to avoid survey bias is to use the ‘Question Sequence’ feature in your survey.

This feature allows you to decide how questions will be displayed to participants each time the survey is accessed. Questions can be displayed as entered, rotated, or randomized.

Follow the steps listed below to set up the Question Sequence feature:

  1. Under the Design tab, select to edit your survey.
  2. Click on the green Options button at the top of your screen, then select Question Sequence.1
  1. Select your preferred Question Sequence option from the choices provided.
    • As Entered – Default, displays questions in the sequence entered
    • Rotate – Rotates questions by one position each time the survey is accessed
    • Randomize – Displays questions in a random order each time survey is accessed2
  1. You can set Question Sequence options on all or individual pages of the survey.
  2. Preview the survey (before and after applying Question Sequence). Depending on the Question Sequence option chosen, you may refresh the page to view the order of questions change.


The following screenshots are previews of a survey after applying Rotate Question Sequence:

  • Before applying Question Sequence:3


  • After applying ‘Rotate’, when the same survey is accessed by the next participant:4


This feature is especially useful when you are conducting a quiz or assessment. Participants who sit next to each other may be presented with the same questions in completely different order, increasing the chances that their work will be completed independently.