Filters allow you to choose which information to include in your reports. While the full report data is already in the system, sometimes it’s helpful to focus in on specific kinds of information based on the purpose or goal of your report.

For example, if you published a feedback survey and now you need to review your results, you can set up filters based on the information that matters most. If you are very interested in seeing how your feedback varied by the gender of participants, you can set up a “Male” filter and a “Female” filter.

Use any question in your survey to set filters, then apply the filters while running reports.

Filter Manager is found under the Report tab. In this section, you will see three options:

  • Create New Filter: Click this button to set conditions and create a new filter.
  • View/Edit: Check the box in front of the filter name, then click this button to review or modify an existing filter
  • Delete: Check the box in front of the filter name then check this button to remove a filter.

SoGoSurvey: Filter Manager