Response Status


Once your survey invitations have been delivered, keep track of the status of your responses.

These status options can be found under Track Survey, on the Distribute Tab.

  • Email Scheduled: Indicates an email invitation has been scheduled for a future date
  • Sent for Delivery: Indicates that the invitation is in the process of being sent
  • Email Delivered/Not Read: Indicates that participant has yet to access the invitation email
  • Email Read/Not Participated: Indicates that the participant opened the invitation email but did not click on the link to participate in the survey
  • Dropped Out on Page: Indicates that the participant opened the survey link but did not submit the survey or abandoned it by closing the window or tab in which the survey was accessed
  • Incomplete: Indicates that the participant accessed the survey and clicked on Save and Continue Later to save their work
  • Completed: Indicates that the participant has completed the survey

Accounts which have an Auto-Save feature which automatically saves responses if a participant is idle on a survey page for five minutes. This feature is useful only for unique invitations as it is saves partial responses submitted by participants to the email address/key associated with the participant. These responses are also marked as incomplete under Track Survey.