Response Trend: Participation Over Time

A Response Trend Report allows you to track survey participation over time. This is especially useful while the survey is live, as you can confirm the effectiveness of your reminders and other communication methods in encouraging participation. Later, you can use this data to plan future survey distribution schedules.

Generate Response Trend Report

These simple steps will help you to create a Response Trend Report:

  1. Select your survey and click on Report.
  2. On the Report menu bar, click on Legacy Reports and select Response Trend.
  3. By default, the report will be generated on a scale of daily participation.

Response Trend Properties and Metrics

Survey Metrics: Survey Metrics displays Date, Invitation, and Responses Metrics, which provide details about the responses included in the generated report. You may click on the Edit icon beside the Survey Metrics option to show or hide particular Date, Invitation, and Response Metrics.

Properties: All report properties and response languages present in the generated report are visible here. You can edit, remove, or add the field which you want in the report by clicking on the Edit icon. If you are generating a report for a multilingual survey, you may review responses submitted for particular language by selecting it from the language dropdown menu.

  • Time Range: By default, the report will display all data. After clicking on the Edit icon next to Properties, choose to view data received during a specific time period. Options include ‘Last 8 hours’, ‘Last 24 hours’, ‘Last 1 week’, ‘Last 1 month’, and Custom Time. ‘Custom Time’ will let you choose the Response for a specific period by selecting From Date and To Date.
  • Scale: By default, the report will display data on a daily scale. After clicking on the Edit icon next to Properties, choose Daily, Weekly, or Monthly as needed.

Distribution Graph: Clicking on this option will show you the data regarding the Number of Invitation sent daily for this survey.

Modify Response Trend Report Appearance

Follow these steps to change the appearance of your graph(s) within the report:

  1. Under the Report tab, select your survey and choose Response Trend.
  2. Follow the wizard to generate your report.
  3. To modify a basic chart, switch from Basic to Advanced in the top right corner. Then use the Chart Type dropdown menu to make your selection.
  4. As desired, you may also choose your preferred colors from the Color Scheme dropdown.