Home Tab Tour


Welcome Home!

The Home interface is the first thing you see when you log in to your SoGoSurvey account.
The Home tab can be broadly classified into five sections:

  1. Account Navigation
  2. Allows you to navigate to different sections of your SoGo Survey account: Home, Design, Distribute, Report, Data, and Utilities.

  2. This section gives you quick access to a range of useful resources.

    1. Sign Up for Training: Sign up for an online webinar led by one of our product experts. Learn more about how to use SoGo Survey to your best advantage and discuss best practices in survey design.
    2. Contact Support: Submit your questions/concerns to our support team.
    3. FAQs: Access our FAQ section to browse through general questions/concerns submitted and addressed by our own experts as well as our online user community.
    4. User Guide: Comprehensive knowledge base that addresses all your questions about our platform provides detailed step-by-step instructions to master our tool.
    5. Suggestions: Your suggestions are valued. Submit your ideas to our support team.
    6. Ask the Community: Share and learn with the survey experts. Welcome to SoGoSurvey Facebook page.
    7. Forums: Ask questions and be a part of discussions with the survey experts.
  1. Quick Start
  2. Instantly create your first survey or refer to a list of ready-to-use survey templates designed by our survey specialists.

  1. Watch and Learn / Recent Survey Activity
    1. Watch and Learn: Comprehensive set of video tutorials that provide an overview of creating, designing, deploying and analyzing results. Refer to the Training Video Library if you are looking for information on a particular feature.
    2. Recent Survey Activity: Review a log of recently performed actions on surveys in your account.
  1. Survey/Poll/Assessment Tool: Allows you to access your preferred tool within SoGoSurvey.
    1. Survey Tool: Surveys are used for gathering opinions, information, and feedback.
    2. Assessment Tool: Do more than just gathering responses. Assessment/Quiz is to test the knowledge of the quiz taker by assigning scores.
    3. Poll Tool: Polls are similar to surveys, except that a poll is a single question survey that is used for quick feedback.