Track Survey


Track Survey allows you to view the status of your survey’s distribution.

The graph at the top of the page displays an overview of survey distribution and participation for each method of distribution used. To view the dashboard for each method of distribution, click on the publishing method name mentioned below the graph.

Track Survey can be used to look up participant details based on their email addresses, the date they received or completed the survey, and whether or not they have taken the survey.

A reminder: Participation Details will be limited for anonymous surveys.


Delete Records from Track Survey

Each record listed in Track Survey is associated with a response. Be very cautious before deleting any record.

To delete a response, select the record by using the checkbox to the left. Click Delete to delete the record, as well as any reminders and responses tied to it.

CAUTION: The delete action is irreversible. Deleting a record here removes the data from the system completely.Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.55.43 AM

Export Records from Track Survey

Click on Export, then choose Export All to download the complete distribution information in Excel format. The downloaded Excel file contains each participant’s email address/Unique ID, status, participation date and time, and survey participation link.

Examine Detailed Participant Activity

Detailed Log allows you to track the detailed activity of any participant. Select the record and click on Detailed Log to track all actions.

  • When the invitation was sent/delivered
  • Time email was read
  • Time participation page was accessed
  • If participation was abandoned, details for the page on which participant abandoned
  • Time response was submitted
  • Expiration date and time of the survey

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 3.45.30 AM

Opt Out / Cancel Opt Out

Opt-out status displays information about participants who have unsubscribed from the survey or from all surveys from your account. As an administrator, you have the flexibility to manually Opt Out participants or cancel/void the Opt Out status to ensure future invitations are delivered to participants.

Status Descriptions

URL Status

  • Active: Indicates that a participant is an active contact for this survey and account
  • Expired: Appears when the specific invitation link has expired
  • Opted Out: Indicates that a participant does not wish to receive future reminders for this survey
  • Permanently Opted Out: Indicates that a participant does not wish to receive any survey invitations from your account
  • None: Appears only for multi-access links [Participants cannot opt out since reminders are not sent for multi-access link surveys.]

URL Expiry Date

This section shows the survey invitation’s expiry details. If you have set the expiry date/time for the participation URL while sending out the invitation, you will see the date you selected. The value will be Null if no Expiry has been set for that invitation.

  • To expire an invitation, simply select the record and click on Expire.
  • To activate an expired invitation, select the record and click on Active.

Email Address

Clicking on the filter icon lets you sort by first letter or search for a specific address. You can also filter addresses by any List you have used to distribute the survey.


  • Completed: Indicates that the participant has completed the survey
  • Incomplete: Indicates that the participant accessed the survey and clicked on Save and Continue Later to save their work
  • Email Read/Not Participated: Indicates that the participant opened the invitation email but did not click on the link to participate in the survey
  • Bounced: Indicates the invitation was not delivered successfully
  • Dropped Out on Page: Indicates that the participant opened the survey link but did not submit the survey or abandoned it by closing the window or tab in which the survey was accessed
  • Email Scheduled: Indicates an email invitation has been scheduled for a future date
  • Sent for Delivery: Indicates that the invitation is in the process of being sent
  • Email Delivered/Not Read: Indicates that participant has yet to access the invitation email

Enterprise accounts have an Auto-Save feature which automatically saves responses if a participant is idle on a survey page for five minutes. This feature is useful only for unique invitations as it is saves partial responses submitted by participants to the email address/key associated with the participant. These responses are also marked as incomplete under Track Survey.

Original Invitation

  • Date: Date when the first invitation was sent to the participant.
  • Delivery Status:
    • Delivered: This email was successfully delivered to the participant.
    • Bounced: This email was not delivered. Click on the red Bounce icon for details of why the email bounced.
    • Email Scheduled: This invitation has been scheduled to be sent on a future date.
    • Sent for Delivery:  Indicates that the invitation is in the process of being sent.

Participation Details

  • Date: The date and time when the participant clicked on Submit.
  • IP Address: The IP address of the survey participant.

Remember that Participation Details will be limited for anonymous surveys.

Show All Reminder Details

This option shows the date and status for each reminder sent for the survey.

Show and Edit Pre-Pop Invitees

This feature gives you the ability to View, Edit, and Export data of email addresses with pre-populated information.

  1. Under Track Survey, click on Edit Pre-populated data.
  2. The system will open a pop-up window with Email addresses/Survey Passwords which include pre-populated information.
  3. You can edit pre-populated fields for all the email addresses.
  4. You can also download the pre-populated information in Excel format by simply by clicking on Export.

Maximum 2000 characters are allowed for pre-population.

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