Tracking Invitations

Ever wonder what happens to your surveys after you publish them? SoGoSurvey’s Track Survey feature records everything for you. It shows you exactly who has received your invitation, who didn’t and why, and who read the invite but didn’t participate.

Track Survey Overview

Track Survey gives you the details you’re looking for.

  • View the date and time of when invitations were opened
  • Verify delivery dates
  • Research high and low response rates
  • Export selected or complete responses
  • Track your invitations by using the following filters:
    • Completed the survey
    • Incomplete survey response
    • Email Read / Not Participated
    • Bounced emails
    • Dropped out on page
    • Emails Scheduled
    • Emails Delivered / Not Read

Distribution Method

View each method used for deploying the survey such as Single-Use Link, Multi-Use Link, etc. View one method at a time by clicking the appropriate channel from the panel on the left or from the cards displayed at the bottom. 

URL Status

Lets you know whether the survey link sent to participants is Active or Expired.

  • Active: This participant is an active contact for this survey and account.
  • Expired: The survey link sent to this participant has expired.

Subscription Status

View whether a participant has opted out of the survey or from all surveys in your account. One of the following status options will be displayed:

  • Opted Out: This participant has opted out of reminders for this survey.
  • Permanently Opted Out: This participant has opted out of all surveys from your account.

URL Expiry Date

Lets you view the expiration date of your survey invitation. This section will appear blank if you have not set an expiration date for your survey invitation while launching the survey.

Email Address

Lets you view email addresses of the individuals to whom the survey invitation was sent.  Single-Use Link Invitations, Multi-use Link Invitations, Single-Use Survey Passwords, and authenticated Social Media participation will display the email address or label associated with survey participants. If you click on the filter icon, you may search for a specific address, view all email addresses for a particular letter, or view all email addresses from any Lists you have used to distribute your survey.


Lets you track the current status of participation.

  • Completed: The participant has accessed the survey and clicked on the submit button.
  • Incomplete: The participant has accessed the survey and clicked on ‘Save and Continue Later’ to save their work and resume later.


Accounts which have Auto-save enabled automatically save responses if a participant is idle on a survey page for five minutes. This feature, used with single-use links or passwords, saves partial submitted responses to the participant’s email address or password. These responses are marked as incomplete under Track Survey.

  • Email Read/ Not Participated: The participant opened their invitation email but didn’t click on the link to participate in the survey.
  • Dropped Out on Page: The participant opened the survey link but did not submit or save their work.
  • Email Scheduled: Invitation has been scheduled to be sent in the future.
  • Email Delivered / Not Read: The participant has not yet opened their invitation email.
  • Sent for Delivery: The invitation has been sent. This status will usually update within one hour to one of the above statuses.
  • Non-trackable Public URL: This will be displayed when you send public invites for your survey.
  • Completed (Edited):  The participant reopened the survey and submitted it.
  • Incomplete (Edited): The participant reopened the survey and clicked on ‘Save and Edit Later’


For public links/multi-access URLs, you will only be able to tell whether a participant has completed or partially completed the survey. For detailed tracking, use unique links.

Invitation Date

This is the date when the invitation was sent.

Delivery Status

Lets you track the current status of the invitation delivery.

  • Delivered: This email was successfully delivered to the participant.
  • Bounced: This email was not delivered. Click on the red Bounce icon for details of why the email bounced. Emails that have bounced due to a full mailbox can be resent.
  • Email Scheduled: This invitation has been scheduled to be sent on a future date.
  • Sent for Delivery:Indicates that the invitation is in the process of being sent.

Participation Date

This is when the participant clicked on Submit.

IP Address

The IP address of the survey participant.

Email Message(s)

The template used to send the invitation and Reminder are both displayed here.


For Anonymous surveys, Participation Details will not appear. Show All Reminder Details will appear to display details of reminder send date and status for each reminder sent for the survey. Also, Edit Pre-populated Data will appear to allow you to modify or export the details of invitations which include pre-populated information.

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